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In small towns, business is done face to face and trust upheld with a handshake. Relationships stand the test of time and your reputation is known by all. It is these values that Small Town Media adopts when looking to create content.

Established in 2009, after eight year of print based advertising - Matt Johnson decided to turn his publication into a series of half hour TV travel shows.

We wanted to create a New Zealand travel show that was more about the characters and personalities behind the businesses and brands, stories the traveller should know about but probably don't.

~ Matt Johnson.

Having created a relationship with Air New Zealand back in 2004 through his publication (B-Guided), it seemed an obvious step to convince the national airline to be the vehicle for the new concept.

With Matt's optimistic sales strategies and his desire to educate & entertain 'captive audiences' he created a boutique production agency with loads of integrity and passion.

After a gruelling fourteen week sales trip throughout the main centres of New Zealand to fund the first series, with seventy five businesses on board and an American super model (who had never been to New Zealand) as the shows presenter, by the end of winter 2009 B-Guided TV, Small Town Media's first travel show was born.

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