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Marisco Vineyards set the task for Small Town Media to launch their exciting new brand LEEFIELD STATION. As a fully operating farm in Marlborough, Brent Marris and the Marisco team transformed the station to include a new winery producing award winning wine.

The concept launched an ongoing episodic storyline and target specific audiences online and in select cinemas. Small Town Media created the story from the ground up along with an activation strategy to gain traction and awareness for the new brand.

The campaign was entitled 'Back to the beginning' and was accompanied by a new original song written and performed by James Reid. This track found it's way to national radio stations and reached number 2 on the NZ charts. The campaign was to tell a dramatic story set on the winery blurring the lines of story beats were real or not. 

Creative: Matt Johnson & Alex Lovell
Written & Directed: Eldon Booth
Starring: Morgan Bradley, Glenn Blomfield & Claudia Marris
Cinematography: Jason Crane
Production: Alex Lovell
Score: James Reid.

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