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Ideas are like parts to vehicles. You pull them out and you put them back in.

Not every idea that you create will fit into the brand that you have built it for. Every now and then  here at Small Town we pull an old idea out and put it into new body, a new businesses and a new brand and even then the car wont budge, it wont turn over. But sometimes when all seems at a loss something remarkable happens, something cool takes place.


That idea that's been sitting in your vault covered in dust comes to life and all of a sudden it starts to move, it makes a noise and that part thats been missing appears and your on your way again.


I Need New Zealand was an idea conceived by STM back in 2015. It was pitched to Air NZ, Tourism NZ and AA Traveller. INNZ was a car part that no one wanted or needed.

The primary objective with INNZ was to create a single online destination that becomes the most popular point of reference for showcasing some of New Zealand’s most amazing experiences. Each experience will be able to be directly booked. The INNZ website exists as a portal and reference point to New Zealand experiences.


A unique and clever marketing campaign was created and produced by Small Town Media across the winter of twenty eighteen. Max Weinberg was filmed in Del Ray Beach, Miami with Toni Pati and Nathaniel Wood being filmed in LA.


The brand has been recently launched in LA.


Big things are happening in small towns. 

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